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Jewelry Size Guide

Your guide to the right piece of jewelryDiscover our wide range of fits and find the perfect size you and your customers.

Our necklaces

To meet our customers' different needs, we offer necklace in different lengths. So you can choose how long you want to wear your necklace. We offer 6 different total lengths, where 3 chains are additionally adjustable in size.

  • 38 cm

  • 43 cm + 5 cm (customizable)

  • 39 cm + 10 cm (customizable)

  • 40 cm + 10 cm (customizable)

  • 55 cm

  • 60 cm

Your perfect necklace

What you need for this? A string, your neck and 2 minutes of time. Grab a string and measure the complete length in cm. Viola, your sample necklace is ready to go! Put it around your neck like a necklace and see if you like the length. If the cord is still too short for you, adjust the size to how you would like to wear it. When you have found your desired length, mark the cord at this point and measure from there to the end of the cord. And you'll have the necklace length you've been looking for so long! To see how the necklace feels with a pendant, simply thread an object onto the cord and see the weight and effect!

Extend your jewelry

Still too short? No problem! Simply use our extension chains. The little helpers can be easily attached to your jewelry and removed again. The chain extension is 4.5cm and offers you an easy way to extend necklaces, bracelets, anklets or other jewelry at will. Attach both ends of the extension chain to your jewelry and create your desired length!

Our Rings

We indicate ring sizes by the diameter (mm) of the ring and not by the circumference.

If you only know your size in other units, we have a short translation of our ring sizes into other units here.

If you don't know your ring size, just take a ring that fits you well and measure the inner diameter with a ruler.

Besides our fixed sizes, we also offer adjustable rings, which come in a uniform standard size.

So now we hope you enjoy your customized jewelry!