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Jewelry Care

Correct care and cleaning of your jewelry

To protect your jewelry from wear and tear in the long term, we have summarised some useful tips on handling, care and storage for you here. With these, you should be able to enjoy your favourite pieces of jewellery for a long time.

Putting on and taking off

  • As a general rule, you should only put on your jewelry after you have finished applying perfume, hairspray, deodorant, lotions etc. This prevents excessive build-up of these sprays on the jewellery.
  • Put on your jewelry last after dressing and take it off first. You should also take off your jewelry before going to bed. This will prevent your jewelry from getting bent or tangled while you sleep.
  • Avoid contact with water. Do not wear jewelry while doing sports, in the shower, in the sauna, in the swimming pool or in the sea, or while doing housework or gardening. Rings should definitely be taken off when you clean your hands with soap or hand sanitizer. Dirt, rinsing water and sweat damage the jewellery in the long run.


  • We recommend that you always store your rings, bracelets and earrings separately. This will prevent your jewelry from getting scratched, tarnished or tangled with other jewelry.
  • You should make sure that your jewelry is stored in a dry place and as airtight as possible. Gold-plated jewellery oxidises over time and can turn black or grey. Therefore, do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.


  • Sweat, dirt particles and cosmetics are best removed with a soft cloth. Regular polishing of your jewelry will maintain its original shine.
  • For heavier soiling, we recommend using lukewarm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. After cleaning, rinse with plenty of clean water and then dry the jewelry with a towel to prevent new deposits or water stains from forming. Jewelry cleaning baths are taboo for gold-plated pieces!
  • The gold plating on your jewelry will wear off over time. Unfortunately, this process cannot be prevented. Cleaning should however not be too aggressive as it can wear away the fine plating too quickly.

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