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Our ongoing Promotions & Discounts

Looking to save more on your purchases? Use these promotions to get more value for your money spent. Choose the deal that suits you the best.

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  • Use our product pictures (white background) on your Website and Social Media channels.
  • Follow the changing status of your orders.
  • Collect Loyalty points from each purchase.

How to avail this discount?

  1. Register for a new customer account.
  2. Send us your business licence so that we can verify the documents and activate your account.
  3. Once we activate your account you will get the voucher code in the confirmation email.
  4. Log in to your account with your personal details and start shopping!
  5. Don't forget to add the discount voucher to your cart during checkout.

Voucher conditions:

  • Voucher cannot be combined with other promotions.

  • If you order for a certain monthly average value (incl. private label order and showroom purchases ), a certain discount for orders in the Dottilove webshop will be activated.
  • The discount rate is based on your average monthly order value (net) after deducting discounts and redeeming bonus points.
  • The VIP discount can be used combining with bonus points.
  • The VIP discount rate can also be applied to private label orders.
  • Your VIP level will be updated quarterly based on your order value.
  • The VIP discount program starts on the day Dottilove confirmed the discount quota.
  • To apply for a VIP Level 20% partnership please contact us via Whatsapp.

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Loyalty Program

Collect 5% discount every time you buy. 

Receive 1 point for every euro you spend in our online shop. Redeem your collected points on a later purchase. For every 20 points collected, receive 1€ discount. The more you buy the more you will save!

How to avail this discount?

  • The bonus points are added automatically to your account based on your cart value.
  • The total points collected from a particular purchase can be viewed at the checkout page and the purchase receipt you receive via email.
  • When you want to redeem your collected Loyalty Points, simply insert the value in the input box on your cart or use the slider on the cart page. 

Voucher Conditions:

  • To redeem you must collect at least 200 points.
  • The points collected from a particular purchase are valid for redemption only after 24 hours.

Weekly Sale 

Every Thursday expect new items to be added to our Weekly Sale. Save up to 80%.